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Numerous Deaths after Texas School Shooting; Kissinger Pushes For Ukraine Diplomacy

Numerous Deaths after Texas School Shooting; Kissinger Pushes For Ukraine Diplomacy
A shooter barricaded himself in a classroom and killed 19 students and 2 teachers in a Texas school
Jamarl Thomas, host of Faultilines on Radio Sputnik joins us to discuss the latest mass shooting. A shooter barricaded himself in a classroom and killed 19 students and 2 teachers in a Texas school. The 18 year old shooter is believed to have acted alone.
Dan Lazare, Investigative journalist and author of America's Undeclared War joins us to discuss Ukraine. There appears to be a push for diplomacy in some segments of the West's ruling class as Henry Kissinger calls for a negotiated end to the Ukraine crisis. Also, a New York Times editorial calls for working towards a diplomatic end and Italy joins Hungary to press for a settlement.
K. J. Noh, Peace Activist, Writer, and teacher joins us to discuss China. The Chinese have reacted angrily at President Biden's statement that the US would defend Taiwan. Also, many experts are blasting president Biden and arguing that the comment was reckless and unnecessary.
Daryl Jones, attorney and voting rights activist joins us to discuss domestic politics. We discussed the takeaways from primaries in a number of states yesterday. Also, problems in the Michigan primaries could result in GOP candidates being disqualified.
Prof. Nicolai Petro, Professor of Political Science at the University of Rhode Island, specializing in Ukraine and Russia. A recent poll shows that Americans are now more concerned with their own economic issues than the outcome of the Ukraine conflict. Also, Henry Kissinger fired an opening salvo in the move towards a diplomatic resolution for the military operation in Ukraine.
Alex Suarez, regional election observer last year for the Venezuelan elections, co-founder of North Florida's Hands Off Venezuela, and President of the Hands Off Venezuela Club at the University of North Florida joins us to discuss Venezuela. Former Trump Secretary of Defense Mark Esper has revealed that the US was aware of Alex Saab's diplomatic status when they kidnapped him. He also reveals that the real reason for the kidnapping was based on intelligence gathering rather than the legal issues that are being argued.
Steve Poikonen, National Organizer Action4Assange joins us to discuss Censorship and Russia gate. An FBI witness testified that the Agency dismissed Michael Sussman's claims about Trump Russia Alfa Bank collusion shortly after they received the complaint. Also, we discuss the use of the "disinformation" trope to attack credible information about the Ukraine conflict.
Robert Fantina, Journalist and Palestine Activist to discuss settler colonialism and geopolitical privilege. Robert's book describes settler colonialism in Palestinian territories and Kashmir. Also, a top Russian official has argued that Western values mean that a select few entities are entitled to prosperity.
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