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Understanding China’s Model of Socialist Modernization and Democracy

Understanding China’s Model of Socialist Modernization and Democracy
Imran Khan Shot In Attempted Assassination, Afghan Asylees Still Mired In Bureaucracy, Kyrie Irving Suspended By The Brooklyn Nets
In this episode of By Any Means Necessary, hosts Sean Blackmon and Jacquie Luqman are joined by journalist Waqas Ahmed to discuss the attempted assassination of former Pakistani Prime Minster Imran Khan, how this connects to the attempts at removing Khan from Pakistani political life and who might be interested in seeing the death of Khan, the response to his long march campaign as he continues his efforts to resist these attempts to remove him, and how things will continue to unfold in this long saga as efforts to keep Imran Kahn from government clearly intensify.

In the second segment, Sean and Jacquie are joined by Jason Dzubow, an immigration attorney, partner at Dzubow & Pilcher, PLLC and blogger at www.asylumist.com, and author of the new book “Asylumist: How to Seek Asylum in the United States and Keep Your Sanity” to discuss the aftermath of the mass evacuations of Afghans in the wake of the US withdrawal from the country, what hoops Afghans are now being forced to go through in a seemingly endless asylum process, the absurdity of some of the rules Afghan asylees are subject to, and how some politicians and officials are exacerbating this issue and refusing to grant relief to Afghans.

In the third segment, Sean and Jacquie are joined by Nate Wallace, co-host of Red Spin Sports to discuss the suspension of Kyrie Irving over his tweet promoting a documentary that made some antisemitic claims and his handling of the reaction to it, the double standard applied to Irving and other Black athletes while corporations like Amazon continue to host materials that espouse the same beliefs, the potential sale of the Washington Commanders by the Snyders following recent allegations and investigations into sexual harassment, fraud, and more, and recent efforts to remove Iran from the upcoming World Cup over accusations that they supplied weapons to Russia that were used in Ukraine.

Later in the show, Sean and Jacquie are joined by Tings Chak, researcher and coordinator of the Art Department of Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research, and a founding member of Dongsheng News to discuss questions of socialism and democracy that have emerged following the national congress of the Communist Party of China and what is meant by the emphasis on socialist modernization, how China’s accomplishments over the last decade have contributed to socialist modernization and what they reveal about the character of democracy in China, and how this socialist modernization fits into the current geopolitical context of the trend toward multipolarity and what it will mean for the world.
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