- Sputnik International, 1920, 25.02.2022
Russia's Special Operation in Ukraine
On February 24, 2022 Russia launched a special military operation in Ukraine, aiming to liberate the Donbass region where the people's republics of Donetsk and Lugansk had been living under regular attacks from Kiev's forces.

Russian 'Joker' Drones Force Company of Ukrainian Troops to Surrender

© Sputnik / Vitaliy Ankov / Go to the mediabank A Russian serviceman demonstrating drone capabilities during drills. File photo
 A Russian serviceman demonstrating drone capabilities during drills. File photo - Sputnik International, 1920, 29.03.2024
The Russian Armed Forces deploy drones in a variety of roles, including surveillance, reconnaissance, and targeted attack. These unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) provide strategic advantages by conducting real-time intelligence and reducing the risk of human casualties.
Russian "Joker" FPV drones have forced a company of the Ukrainian fighters to surrender, Dmitry Kuzyakin, general director of the Center for Integrated Unmanned Solutions developer, told Sputnik.

"Probably no one will be able to repeat this 'record.' It was not a Bradley, Humvee, or even Leopard 2, but 60 soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces who had to surrender after seeing with their own eyes what mass use of FPV drones means... That is, one small drone 'captured' an entire company of Ukrainian forces," he said when asked about the most important target the Jokers hit on the battlefield.

Kuzyakin explained that currently, the Ukrainian military is in a classic line of defense, expecting "conventional warfare."

"Our fighters, whom we trained and equipped, instead of starting to 'play by the rules,' didn't engage into battle, but let FPV operators come into play, which immediately 'unraveled' the second line of Ukrainian defense. Ukrainian soldiers on the front line realized that resistance was simply pointless. Their mass surrender is the main trophy in the work of our Center [for Integrated Unmanned Solutions]," the developer said.

The bureau provides a full cycle of FPV system combat applications: it produces drones, trains operators how to fly them, and how to use them effectively.
A Russian FPV drone. File photo - Sputnik International, 1920, 17.03.2024
What More Russian Drones on Battlefield Will Mean to Ukrainian Soldiers
Over the years, the company has created a line of Joker FPV combat drones. The latest model, the Joker-10, carries a payload of up to five kilograms and reaches a speed of 100 kilometers per hour (up to 200 kilometers per hour without payload).
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