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Resignation Pending? Biden May Step Down After Debate Disaster in Two Weeks' Time

© AP Photo / Patrick SemanskyPresident Joe Biden speaks at the Democratic National Committee's Winter Meeting, Thursday, March 10, 2022, in Washington
President Joe Biden speaks at the Democratic National Committee's Winter Meeting, Thursday, March 10, 2022, in Washington - Sputnik International, 1920, 01.07.2024
WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - US President Joe Biden may yet be persuaded to step down within the next two weeks following his catastrophic performance in the debate with Donald Trump but the decision will have to be his own, political commentator Earl Rasmussen said on Monday.
"I think we will see something in the next two weeks," Rasmussen said. "But, it needs to be the president’s choice and he needs to choose to step away from the campaign. Biden can be very stubborn quite often and argumentative."
Biden's performance in the 90-minute-long debate broadcast from the CNN studios in Atlanta, Georgia, on Thursday night was so poor and he appeared so disconnected that even prominent Democratic strategists admitted afterwards that they were appalled by it.
Since then, leading corporate media outlets have carried stories suggesting Biden will step down soon and exploring who may eventually succeed him.
Former US President and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks as he participates in the first presidential debate of the 2024 elections with US President Joe Biden at CNN's studios in Atlanta, Georgia, on June 27, 2024.  - Sputnik International, 1920, 28.06.2024
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However, the long and cumbersome US selection and nomination process for the two major national parties has already locked the president into place for his party's re-nomination.
Rasmussen noted Biden already has the primary votes needed for the nomination but that he needs to decide to step down and withdraw.
"If he does, then it will be thrown into the convention. This will open the nomination up to all and a lot of backroom politicking will take place until the necessary votes are obtained on the floor," Rasmussen said.
Otherwise, Biden could delay and go through the convention, accept the nomination then withdraw, where he or the vice presidential nominee would then go forward through the election, he said.

Democratic Party Thrown Into Chaos, Panic

Rasmussen said the Democratic Party leadership has been thrown into confusion and even panic by Biden’s poor debate performance, and would face the dilemma to choose as his putative successor risked alienating key elements of support.
"Any of these cases is not good," he said.

"Do they bypass [Vice President] Kamala Harris? Do they go with [Governor Gavin] Newsom from California, or perhaps with [Governor Gretchen] Whitmer from Michigan? How do you balance the equity cards and not upset any part of the electorate and party?"

The Democrat Party leaders would probably seek to replace Harris with another candidate for the November election, even if she had temporarily succeeded Biden into the Oval Office before then, he said.
"That is a touchy subject and complicates the situation, especially if Biden withdraws later versus earlier, or if not at all. I believe that they will try to ease someone else into the position," Rasmussen said. "Ideally this should be done at the convention."
Biden not fit to discharge immense presidency duties —  Douglas Macgregor - Sputnik International, 1920, 29.06.2024
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Other candidates would also be in the running if the August convention decided to bypass Harris as well as Biden, he said.
"I think Newsom and Whitmer will be leading the pack but other contenders include: Harris, [Secretary of Transportation Pete] Buttigieg, [Senator Amy] Klobuchar, [former Senator Mary] Landrieu and [Illinois Governor Jay] Pritzker. I would tend toward a woman, swing state and from the Midwest," Rasmussen said.
Whatever the choice, the Democratic convention in Chicago in August would make some unprecedented decisions and choices for the first time in nearly 100 years, he remarked, adding that regardless of who is picked, the outcome of the November election was still far from certain.
"No matter which direction the Democrats choose, they will have a close fight on their hands. Trump still is a vintage Trump but actually was slightly more controlled and confident [in last week's debate]," Rasmussen added.
First lady Jill Biden pledged on Monday that the president would stay in the White House and fully contest the election campaign.
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