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Czech Merc From Nazi 'Carpathian Sich' Battalion Ends Up in Prague Court

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Hammer court judge justice  - Sputnik International, 1920, 04.07.2024
The trial of 27-year-old Czech, Filip Siman, has begun in Prague. He stands accused of illegally serving in the Ukrainian army and looting during his service in Bucha and Irpen, located in the Kiev region, in the spring of 2022.
The mercenary vigorously denies all charges against him. Information from the court is being reported by the local media. According to the prosecution, the Czech mercenary, Siman, is accused of pilfering Gucci glasses, a breathing mask from a destroyed An-225 'Mriya' (the world's largest transport aircraft), as well as stealing gold and silver bars, in addition to removing berets and rings from deceased soldiers.
Additionally, Siman did not have permission from the Czech authorities to join a foreign army and take part in the ongoing hostilities. Any Czech citizen wishing to serve in another country's military must get official approval from the national authorities.
The merc joined the Nazi battalion ' Carpathian Sich' in March 2022. He did not have any legal authorization from the Czech Republic allowing him to serve in a foreign army. Siman was arrested on suspicion of possible escape.
He faces up to five years in prison for serving in a foreign army, with the potential for a longer sentence if the allegations of looting are substantiated.
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However, in court, he stated that his motive for joining 'Carpathian Sich' was not for personal enrichment. Siman asserts that he was influenced by politicians' promises of no repercussions or penalties for "volunteering” in Ukrainian battalions when he joined the group.
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