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'Clown Show': UK's Failed Trident Missile Test Emblematic of Nation's 'Decline and Demise'

© Photo : Twitter / @NavyLookoutCrew of the UK Royal Navy nuclear-powered fleet submarine HMS Trenchant.
Crew of the UK Royal Navy nuclear-powered fleet submarine HMS Trenchant. - Sputnik International, 1920, 23.02.2024
On Wednesday, US media reported that the UK Royal Navy tested an unarmed Trident II missile in January, but the missile failed, falling just feet from the submarine it launched from. The failure was the latest in a string of embarrassing events for the Royal Navy.
The recent missile failure by the UK military "is entirely linked to the kind of decline and demise of the UK as a serious nation,” Phil Kelly, a political contributor and socialist activist told Sputnik’s Political Misfits on Thursday.
“It’s a nation that is in a deep economic and political crisis, and the military reflects that," Kelly underscored.

“I compare them to the [Scooby-Doo] character Scrappy-Doo because they run around after the United States as a small henchman talking up a bit beyond their own capabilities,” he added before mentioning a string of failures by the UK Royal Navy, including two warships colliding in the Gulf of Yemen. “It’s a clown show that really isn’t fit for [its] purpose.”

Like the Scrappy-Doo character, the UK Royal Navy acts supremely confident in its abilities, but can not back up its bravado.
“This is an army, let’s not forget, that retreated at speed after a failed 20-year occupation of Afghanistan. They were beaten by men in pickup trucks… who’s [now] shaking its saber and threatening Russia, China, and Iran,” Kelly explained.
“It’s kind of like that small man syndrome in a bar. Stop acting aggressive because you’re going to get the fight you’re asking for and you’re in no way prepared for it.”
A Trident II nuclear missile underwater launch - Sputnik International, 1920, 21.02.2024
Failed Trident Missile Launch Casts Doubt on US and UK Nuclear Capability
Kelly noted that not only is the UK military experiencing significant equipment problems, but it is also failing to meet its recruitment goals, calling it a “huge crisis" and doubling down on the fact that the issues are not limited to the naval branch.
“They used to have this great tagline about their main battle tank, the Challenger Two, that they said… had not been lost on the battlefield since it launched a couple decades ago. The tank itself managed about two to three weeks when it arrived in Ukraine before one of them was left as a burning hulk.”
“If [the failed Trident missile launch] happened in North Korea, Western media would have been laughing at it,” Kelly said. “Here, we have the UK completely unable to launch a missile, which has cost an exorbitant amount of money while health and education are falling into rack and ruin.”
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