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Ukraine Firing US Arms at Russia Will Push Moscow to Expand Buffer Zone - Ex-US Army Col.

© AP Photo / South Korea Defense MinistryВоенные учения США и Южной Кореи с использованием Армейского тактического ракетного комплекса
Военные учения США и Южной Кореи с использованием Армейского тактического ракетного комплекса - Sputnik International, 1920, 31.05.2024
WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - Permission by the US and its allies for the Zelensky regime to use Western weapons to strike Russia will not prevent a Ukrainian defeat in the conflict, but will force Russia to expand a "buffer zone" to stop attacks on its border areas, US Army Lt. Col. and veteran international consultant Earl Rasmussen told Sputnik.
In a major policy shift, Biden authorized the use of US weapons against military installations in Russia. A State Department spokesperson insisted that the authorization was limited to what they called "counter-fire purposes" in Kharkov region. The US has not authorized the use of long-range missiles, including ATACMS, inside Russia, the spokesperson told Sputnik on Thursday.
"This will not change the ultimate outcome of the conflict, which Russia is destined to win," Rasmussen said.
"What it will do is encourage Russia to expand the buffer zone that has been discussed and to potentially directly strike US and other NATO facilities supporting these actions."
While the Pentagon most likely was trying to limit the shift, recent statements by former Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland and Secretary Antony Blinken clearly showed that there was strong lobbying going on in the background to change the US position, Rasmussen observed.
"It is possible that secretly Ukraine was allowed already or at least Western intelligence and targeting information has likely been used on earlier strikes," he said. "Yes, it is an escalation and most likely Russia will counter in some way."
US policy makers continue to blunder forward with ever more dangerous decisions which unfortunately will likely end in a direct conflict or potentially worse, Rasmussen warned.
Remnants of British Storm Shadow cruise missile captured by Russian forces. The footage shows the missile to be almost completely intact. - Sputnik International, 1920, 31.05.2024
Moscow Has Right to Take Proxy War With NATO Global as Bloc Greenlights Strikes Deep Into Russia
"Such decisions show that there are major influencers strongly seeking major escalation. Moreover, many of the political leaders are heavily politically committed for some reason to Project Ukraine and refuse to accept that it is a failure and would rather destroy their own countries and world than accept reality," he said.
Rasmussen noted that he has mentioned for several years that "we are moving down a dangerous path. That path is not getting any safer, if anything it is becoming more treacherous."
As situations continue to escalate in the Middle East and Asia, history will not look favorably on the current group of Western leaders as they lead their countries into the abyss, Rasmussen said.

Earlier in May, President Vladimir Putin said that Ukraine is to blame for the Russian offensive in the Kharkov region since Kiev continues to shell civilians in the Russian border city of Belgorod.

Russia is thus forced to create a buffer zone because of Ukraine's continued deadly shelling of Belgorod, he warned.
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